Backyard Bowling Alley

Turn your slip and slide or driveway into a bowling alley.  All you need are 10 empty Juicy Juice bottles, paint and water.  The easiest and cleanest way to paint these is by pouring a few drops of paint into each bottle, more or less to cover the entire inside. If your paint is too thick just add a bit of water. You can use one color, a few colors or a different color for each “pin.” Once you have enough paint inside, put the cap back on and have the kids shake the bottle so paint covers the entire inside surface. Take caps off and pour out any excess liquid, and leave caps off overnight to allow paint to dry. Then in the morning, put the lids on, grab a ball and it’s good to go. (Side note, to make sure the kids don’t re-open the bottles, you can hot glue the caps on if needed. If you are worried about the “pins” blowing away put rocks on the bottom for added weight.)

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