Get Up N’ Go Dance

Get Up N’ Go Dance

What You Need

  • CD or tape of your child’s favorite music

How To Do It

  • Try this active way to wake up your child in the morning. This is a fun way to greet them in the morning and start the day with some movement to help really wake everyone up!
  • Put on some fun music and announce, “It’s time to get up and go!”
  • Begin by hopping in place in time to the music.
  • Then you can hop from the bedroom to the kitchen for breakfast or simply hop around in whatever room you are in. (Watch out for toys!)
  • Hop up and down, hop forward and backward, hop all around. Have your child follow what you do. Allow your child to lead next time and you follow.
  • Change the activity to skipping as the music continues. To skip, have your child take a step forward and a small hop with the same foot. Alternate feet using this pattern (left-foot step, hop; right-foot step, hop). Don’t worry about perfection – getting little ones to move around is a great start. The coordination comes in time. Skipping may take several weeks or even months to master. Be very patient so that your child won’t be discouraged.

Follow-Up Fun

  • Once your child has mastered skipping and hopping to the music, add a small ball to toss back and forth.
  • Trade in the balls for a hula-hoop. Take turns wiggling you hips back and forth as you do your best to keep the hula-hoop circling your hips.
Get Up N’ Go Dance
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