Groundhog Weather Forecaster

Groundhog Weather Forecaster

This Groundhog Day, be ready for whatever Punxsutawney Phil throws your way with the Groundhog Weather Forecaster. Cute and easy to make, it will bring a smile to your little one’s face even if we get 6 more weeks of winter. Follow these easy steps to be ready on February 2nd.

Step 1: Gather your components. You will need: the ground hog template print-out (, a washable marker or pen, a glue stick and scissors.


Step 2: Cut out each shape and pair them together. Note: you’ll need two big blue circles to complete the craft. Once you have the groundhog shapes cut out, draw faces on them with the pen or marker. You can also draw little paws on the groundhogs.


Step 3: Cut the green circle in half and fold one of the blue circles in half. On the inner flap of the blue circle, which will be the cloudy scene, write, “Spring is coming.” On the outer flap of the blue circle, which will be the sunny scene, write, “6 more weeks of Winter.” Use the glue stick to secure the blue paper to the green paper.


Step 4: Use the glue stick to secure all of the cloudy scene cut-outs to the front of your circle. Do the same as above, gluing the sunny scene cut-outs onto the underside flap.



Groundhog Weather Forecaster
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