Indoor and Outdoor Cap Toss Game

We’re putting a spin on the classic Bag Toss game by turning it into a Cap Toss game with recycled empty Juicy Juice bottles! This eco-friendly craft is super creative and fun to make, and it is a perfect activity for the whole family to play during the summer! Here are the materials you’ll need:

Scissors and X-Acto knife (parental assistance is recommended)
Cardboard box
Empty 64 oz Juicy Juice bottle and cap
Tape or glue
Decorative stickers
Colored paper

Step One:

Remove label from empty Juicy Juice bottle and set cap aside to use later. Parents help your little ones cut out the base of the empty Juicy Juice bottle with the scissor or X-Acto knife.

Step Two:

Take a piece of 10 x 22 cardboard and use the bottom of the Juicy Juice bottle to trace a circle in the middle of the cardboard with a pencil. Parents, help your little ones cut out the circle to fit the Juicy Juice bottle through.

Step Three:

Create a stand by folding 5 inches of the bottom of the 10 x 22 cardboard. Then, use glue to cover the cardboard with two pieces of colored construction paper.

Step Four:

Use stickers or paint to decorate your board.

And now you’re ready to play! See how many times you can get the cap from the empty Juicy Juice bottle through the hole.


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