Juicy Juice Bubble Snake Blower

Juicy Juice Bubble Snake Blower

What’s your little one’s favorite activity to do outdoors during the summertime?  If it’s blowing bubbles into the warm summer air, then they’ll love making this fun Juicy Juice Bubble Snake Blower. Here’s what you’ll need to successfully create this unique craft:


Scissors or Xacto knife

Craft foam



13 cup of water

5 tablespoons of dish soap

Empty 64 oz Juicy Juice bottle


Step 1

Remove the lid from an empty Juicy Juice bottle and help your little one cut out the base.

Step 2

Trace base onto craft foam. 

Step 3

Remove bottle and then draw on tabs and then help your little one cut out shape.

Step 4

Help your little one to cut out any ​shapes they’d like within the craft foam cutout.

Step 5

Use tape to adhere the tabs to the bottle.

Step 6

Use a plate to mix 1cup of water and 4 tablespoons of dish soap to make bubble solution.

Step 7

Now dip the base of the bottle into the solution.

Step 8

Then blow into the bottle to make bubbles!

Juicy Juice Bubble Snake Blower
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