Make friends with “maybe”

In all the new school excitement many of us parental types can go a little crazy with the sign-up sheets and replying “yes!” to everything we’re asked to do. Lunch duty, room parent, field trips, oh my! While it is a great idea to volunteer and get active in our children’s education, and studies show it helps our kids in loads of ways, there is a fine balance between helicopter and hummingbird. Hummingbird parents float in and out, giving kids space to fly for themselves as well. Pick a couple ways you want to get involved, fully commit to those, and then make friends with the word “maybe.” I’ve definitely gotten overzealous throughout the years and then come February I’m spent and resentful. Plus, when a few parents slap their names on everything, it leaves little room for others who may not be able to plan 6 months out, but would love to volunteer on the fly. I’ve been that parent too. “Maybe” is a very acceptable response…get to know it.

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