Pirate Juice Craft

Pirate Juice Craft

Though Talk Like a Pirate Day is just once a year, many kids’ obsession with pirates spans the entire year! Try dressing up your little buccaneers’ juice boxes and pouches in pirate garb to add a silly twist to their daily dose of yum. Here’s what you do:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need a sheet of black construction paper, a sheet of white, a glue stick and your child’s favorite Juicy Juice™ product. We used one Juicy Juice 100% juice juice box and one Juicy Juice Splashers™ pouch (If you aren’t familiar with new Juicy Juice Splashers, make sure to click here to learn more).


  1. Using child-proof safety scissors, carefully cut out pirate hats, belts and swords from the black paper. Pouches are wider than the juice boxes, so keep this in mind when cutting. Then, use the white paper to cut out small embellishments, like cross bones and belt buckles. When you’re done, glue the embellishments on.


  1. Simply glue the construction paper pirate gear onto the juice boxes and/or pouches. Be sure not to cover the spot where the straw will go.


  1. Whether you give these to your kids to drink immediately or pack them in their lunch, they will think their pirate themed juices arrrr just great!
Pirate Juice Craft
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