Squirt Gun Cup Race

Squirt Gun Cup Race

While some of our favorite summer memories are fleeting there’s still time to create more! Round up the family and split the group into two teams and prepare for a Squirt Gun Cup Race. In less than 10 minutes and with a few materials you will be ready to go! This game is a super easy DIY summer craft for kids! Here’s what you’ll need:

Waterguns and craft supplies


2 squirt guns

2 plastic cups

Scissors or X-Acto knife

Decorative stickers


Step 1:

Decorate the cups with stickers, markers or glitter.

Step 2:

Punch a hole into the bottom of both of the cups then take some string and pull it through the hole. Depending on where you’ll decide to play (in a pool, at the park, etc.) use tape to attach both ends of the string to different secure spots across from each other!

Now game on! Fill your water guns with water and aim it into the cup for it to move along the string. Are you ready to race?

Squirt Gun Cup Race
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