A Summer Fan for Our Juicy Fans

A Summer Fan for Our Juicy Fans

With the Summer comes pool parties, picnics, playing outdoors and, of course, the palpable heat! Cooling off can be a challenge, but with an ice-cold Juicy Juice™ 100% juice box in hand and a nifty home-crafted fan, keeping cool gets a lot easier. This craft is perfect for kids of all ages and simple enough for a joint craft with the tiny tots.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need:

  • Our Juicy Juice fan template (link here)
  • 2 ice pop sticks
  • Bottle of glue
  • 1 rubber band


Step 2: Begin by printing 3 sheets of the Juicy Juice Fan Template and cutting them out. Fold the first sheet in half perpendicularly to the dark green lines. Fold in half again in the same direction. Fold a third time, making the sheet now ¼ the width it was when you started. Unfold the paper and then accordion-fold it along the lines from your other folds. Repeat with the other two sheets from the template.

Step 3: Collapse each of the three sections of your fan so they look like compressed accordions. Bend each of the three pieces in half so they look like the letter V.
7.7_lime_fan_3Step 4: Glue the inner sides of the V together and place them folded under a semi-heavy object for 3 minutes or until dry—we used a book. This will make three mini fans as shown below.
7.7_lime_fan_4Step 5: Glue your three fan segments together along their outer edge flaps to make a semi-circle. Apply glue to the edge flaps of your semi-circle and attach your ice pop sticks. Fold your fan and place under a book while the glue dries.
7.7_lime_fan_5Step 6: After the glue is done drying, keep your two ice pop sticks together and tie a rubber band around them to create the handle. This will keep your fan open.
7.7_lime_fan_6AEncourage your little one to grab his/her newly-built fan, a friend and their favorite flavors of Juicy Juice 100% juice boxes to enjoy the warm weather under the sun. Apply sunscreen, of course!

A Summer Fan for Our Juicy Fans
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