What I Did This Summer

What I Did This Summer

Hang onto the spirit of summer with these creative ideas for kids to share their experiences during the school days ahead.

Talk is priceless! 
Ask your kids about their favorite summer memory, grab a notebook and put their words on paper. We tested this idea and got some cute answers…we’re sure you will, too!

What was your most fun day trip?
“When we got a flat tire on the way to the garbage museum!!” – Lauren, Preschool

Your favorite summer game?
“Playing ‘bugs’ with Spencer and he had to be the larvae.” – Thomas, 1st Grade

What happened that still makes you laugh?
“That time on the boardwalk when the seagull stole Daddy’s sandwich.” – Jack, Kindergarten

No doubt their answers will be fun to reread in the months to come and may even give kids a head start on that first inevitable writing assignment of the school year.

Make a Summer Memory Jar
Not ready to put a lid on summer just yet? Why not preserve fun family memories in a jar? A quick search of the kids’ rooms, kitchen drawer and toy box should turn up lots of little mementos from trips, activities and lazy summer days. Gather up trinkets that remind you of summertime, like:

  • Marbles
  • Shells
  • Pebbles
  • Ticket stubs
  • Sea glass
  • Luggage tags
  • Beach sand
  • Stamps
  • Travel postcards
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bubble wands

Have kids make a label, paint the lid and display their ‘jar of summer’ for all to see. (Tip: It’s a great back-to-school show ‘n tell object). Because oftentimes, it’s the little things that trigger big memories.

Personalize a Backpack
Gearing up for school? Backpack key chains are a big hit with kids and a fun way to carry a little bit of summer into the school year. Instead of buying one this year, create your own with a favorite reminder of carefree days. It’s simple: All you need is glue, a hardware store key chain and a favorite reminder of the season. (Ex. A trip souvenir, a robin feather, a game piece, a tiny toy, a gumball machine ring, a camp pin). Remember, backpacks take a beating, so it’s best to choose objects that aren’t easily breakable. The key to this project is to make the memory personal.

5 more ways to stretch out summer days…

  • Decorate a picture frame with shells from a beach trip.
  • Press a flower from your garden and transfer it onto a book cover.
  • Create a nature notebook complete with drawings, leaves, flowers and written observations on the great outdoors.
  • Turn favorite summer photos into screen savers.
  • Showcase 3-D mementos in a themed shadowbox (Ex. “Family Camping Trip”).

As the season winds down, take the time to look around, enjoy the sights and sounds and little objects that are such a big part of your kids’ summer. And remember, it will be back again next year!

What I Did This Summer
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