Change the Color of Flowers

When spring comes, we love seeing flowers in every wonderful shade. Did you know that it’s possible to change a flower’s color to something entirely new? With this fun science experiment, you can teach your little one all about flowers

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Make Your Own Bird Feeders

Did you know you can enjoy the magic of bird watching right from your window? With this simple craft, it’s easy to attract some fine feathered friends. Best of all, these fun bird feeders are simple to make, so your

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Bunny Plate Pals

If you’re looking for a hopping good time with your little ones, we have the perfect craft for you! With just a few materials, which you may already have at home, you can jump right in. Once you’ve finished, they

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Neighborhood Not-So-Scary Soirée

A great way to bring the neighborhood together on the season’s most frightening night is to throw a simple pre- trick-or-treating potluck and play! Before the youngins make the rounds door to door and the candy bowls are all empty,

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Make friends with “maybe”

In all the new school excitement many of us parental types can go a little crazy with the sign-up sheets and replying “yes!” to everything we’re asked to do. Lunch duty, room parent, field trips, oh my! While it is

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Make those first days back as stress-free and PLAYFUL as possible

Back-to-school jitters are a very real thing. Remember your first days on a new job with all new comrades and a boss to impress? One of the best ways to help your kiddos ease back into a new school year

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Make Your Own Table Cloth of Awesome

This is one of my secret weapons to encourage playful communication, nag-free school-day reminders and collective FUN for the whole family. I simply cover our dining table with inexpensive butcher or craft paper and then pop some bright markers and/or

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Have a School Day “Dress Rehearsal”

The first day of school is a big deal for most kids… it’s the “big show,” so to speak. And before every big show, there are usually a few full-on dress rehearsals, right? One way to calm first-day jitters is

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Plan for PLAY Breaks During Homework Time

Homework can be the bane of both kids’ and their parent’s existence. Just follow parental tweets around 5pm everyday and you’ll see what I mean. One way to lighten the mood and tension level when 3rd grade math has got

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Set Your Morning Rush to Music

School-day mornings are often super busy, bustling and stressful. One way to make the morning rush a little more fun and enjoyable is to let music lead the way! Create a playlist of songs for your kids to use as

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