Change the Color of Flowers

When spring comes, we love seeing flowers in every wonderful shade. Did you know that it’s possible to change a flower’s color to something entirely new? With this fun science experiment, you can teach your little one all about flowers

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Make Your Own Bird Feeders

Did you know you can enjoy the magic of bird watching right from your window? With this simple craft, it’s easy to attract some fine feathered friends. Best of all, these fun bird feeders are simple to make, so your

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Bunny Plate Pals

If you’re looking for a hopping good time with your little ones, we have the perfect craft for you! With just a few materials, which you may already have at home, you can jump right in. Once you’ve finished, they

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Building Challenge: Kids vs. Parents

This is a fun activity for the whole family! It can be done in a plane, train or automobile. Fill a plastic container (with a lid), with building bricks in various sizes and shapes. Give each family member a small building brick

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Create a “Creativity Cupboard”

Somewhere in your home fill a cupboard or drawer with open-ended, engaging supplies; modeling clay, craft materials, recycled supplies (such as juice boxes or a tissue box), coloring books, puzzles, etc. Throw in some surprises for when your kids are

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Make Meal Prep Family Time

From letting kids pick what to eat to allowing them to be your sous chef in the kitchen, get the kids involved in dinner or snack time. Check out these easy-to-make recipes for busy families.

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Family Time Suggestion Bottle

Decorate an empty Juicy Juice bottle and keep blank slips of paper beside it. Place on your counter or bookshelf for easy access and a visual reminder. Throughout the week, encourage your crew to fill out their ideas for a

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Choose a Chief Family Time Captain Each Week

Share the responsibility of 100% Family Time enforcement! Take turns and have each member of the family come up with one activity each week. It might be a game night, cupcake-making party, an afternoon at the park or an upcycled

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