Inspiration for Your Homecation

We love to travel with our kids any chance we get. But, with the need to stick closer to home, a family homecation is a great alternative. Check out our ideas that will bring everyone together for a special vacation at home this spring break. Even better, you’ll enjoy time off without packing all those suitcases!

Like any regular vacation, there is planning involved. You’ll want your homecation to feel like a true break from the every day routine. As a family, think of all the activities you want to plan, then clear your schedule so you’re ready for every adventure and have uninterrupted time together. Finally, encourage everyone to get in the vacation mindset. Relax. Unwind. Be ready to create memories and take lots of pictures!

Choose your Homecation Theme:

Virtual Tourist

Create a day to visit a virtual art museum, zoo, aquarium, or even space! There are plenty of interactive online options made for families and kids. After each visit assemble age-appropriate crafts, activities or games to build off what they learned. Don’t forget, the best part of any museum or zoo experience–the gift shop! Surprise your little ones by pre-ordering some little souvenirs so they can remember their “trip”.

Around the Globe

Forget the passport, bring another country to you! Choose your destination and do your best to recreate the experience of traveling there in your own home. For example, take a trip to Italy by ordering traditional dishes from a local Italian restaurant, reading a book about popular sightseeing spots, joining a virtual tour online, or watching a family-friendly flick set in Italy. Give the kiddos an Italian kitchen experience by making our Grape–Garlic Flatbread and Tropical Berry Italian Ice together.

Go “Glamping”

Give camping an upgrade with a few fancy amenities. Depending on the age of your kiddos, you can make this homecation theme as simple or as adventurous as you want it to be. Whether it’s a blanket fort or tent set up in the living room or a full-on campsite in the backyard, camping at home is a great way to bring the family together. Make a day or weekend of it by heading out to a local hiking trail for a quick walk, playing classic camp games in the backyard, cooking up your favorite foil packet recipes, sleeping under the stars (or twinkly lights), and of course, making s’mores.

“Wish You Were Here”

Taking pics is a must-have part of any good vacation. Create a vacation-themed backdrop at home or just take family portraits to get some fun pics of the kids to share. Design digital or printed “Wish You Were Here” postcards for family and friends or just collect the snapshots for your homecation scrapbook.

Do nothing!

The best part of vacation is kicking back and doing absolutely nothing. Bring that same spirit to your homecation. Make this a day where you stay in your PJs and give yourself and the kids permission to totally relax.

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