Keeping Up with Them as They Grow

Keeping Up with Them as They Grow

As our little ones grow up, we try our best to have bonding moments with them! Fostering a healthy bond with your child can be essential for many reasons. For one, you would help prevent a disconnect between you and your child when they become older. Here are three tips on how to keep up with your child as they grow:



A huge part of bonding is simply listening. A child is never too young for you to listen to their thoughts, suggestions and opinions. Instead of assuming you know what your child wants for dinner or selecting their after-school activity without asking, try and make it a point to inquire with them and listen to their answers.


Be Present

We all know how busy we can get as parents but we shouldn’t let our little ones feel as if our work is more important than them. Try taking a day off of work one day to chaperone a school trip. It’s always the little things that are most memorable and matter the most to our kids. Also, try and make it a habit to eat dinner together as many nights a week as possible.


Limited Phone Use

It’s important to keep up with our friends and colleagues. But when spending time with the little ones try avoiding constant texting or talking on the phone. This communicates to the kids that your attention isn’t divided. It also shows respect and this behavior can encourage a healthy habit for your little ones to model when they get older.

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