Flavorful Fun with Cheff Jeff Mauro

Juicy Juice is teaming up with Food Network Star, Chef Jeff Mauro to make fast and delicious meals for your little ones. With tasty recipes featuring the goodness of our 100% Juice, you’ll find the perfect lunches and easy after-school snacks.

Emmy-nominated Chef Jeff Mauro was born and raised in Chicago, where he was determined from an early age to become the funniest chef in the world. Today, Jeff is cohost of Food Network’s hit daytime show The Kitchen and the star of the network’s Sandwich King, He is the proud partner and executive chef of Pork & Mindy’s restaurants and retail line of sauces, events and legendary Pig Candy, sharing his love for globally inspired dishes. He lives in Chicago with his family.

School Morning Time Saver

Here’s a super-easy time saver! School mornings are crazy at my house – between getting up, getting dressed and packing up Lorenzo’s lunchbox, breakfast can sometimes be an afterthought. That’s why we love to make several jars of overnight oats, sweetened with Juicy Juice 100% juice and packed with nuts and fruit for a great grab-and-go breakfast for the entire family. Just mix ½ cup of old fashioned rolled oats, ¼ cup of Juicy Juice 100% juice, Kiwi Strawberry flavor, ⅓ cup of milk and ¼ cup of strawberry yogurt, and place into individual glass jars, letting them set in the fridge overnight. By the time morning comes and everybody is scrambling, all you have to do is grab a jar and a plastic spoon and head out the door. No need to watch the microwave or dirty up the stove!

Cook Once, Eat Twice…or More!

Anything that helps save me time later on is crucial when it comes to weekly meal planning. If there is a recipe your family loves, don’t just double it, triple it. Tripling the recipe = triple the time savings! My Baked Potato Chip-Crusted Chicken Tenders is such an easy weeknight dinner. Just take regular chicken tenders and marinate them in BBQ Sauce. Then coat the tenders in flour and eggs, followed by crushed BBQ chips and bake until crispy. My homemade Mango Sauce is made with Juicy Juice 100% juice which is the perfect dipper! The next day, all you have to do is turn those tasty chicken tenders into a Chicken Tender Club wrap by adding lettuce and tomato. Use the dip as your spread! By making an even BIGGER batch, you can have a few lunches and dinners. Think of it this way: cook once, eat twice…or more!

Lunchbox Essentials

Every parent’s dilemma: how do you pack a well-balanced lunch AND keep it cool? Freeze a Juicy Juice 100% Juice box the night before school and pack it with your kiddo’s sandwich and fruit or vegetable sticks. Juicy Juice has no added sugar and 100% vitamin C. Plus, the frozen juice box will not only help keep everything cool, but it also gives your child an ice-cold drink to wash lunch down with. Nothing better!

Classic Wrap Party

When you’re in a rut, roll it up! There’s no better way to stretch leftovers, limited portions or the rest of that deli ham in the fridge than to have a classic Wrap Party. Quickly heat up your flour tortillas directly on the stove for a few seconds on each side (no pan necessary). Next, lay out an assortment of fun veggies, pickles, sauce or condiments and proteins. The build-your-own element is a blast and it’s always fun to see who rolls the tightest and most colorful wrap!

After-School Energy Boost

Homemade granola is unbeatable for an after-school energy boost, especially when packed with dried fruit, coconut and pumpkin seeds, and sweetened with Juicy Juice 100% juice. Just toss it with a bit of the juice and honey, and then bake it off to make it caramelized and crunchy. You can make a big batch on Sunday and the kids can enjoy a healthy, easily accessible and versatile snack throughout the week. Keep portions in control by separating the batch into pre-made, measured out bundles (or snack baggies) ahead of time. Easy for you, easy for them!


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