Gnome Home

Add a little bit of magic to your garden with these adorable gnome homes. Follow the instructions below:


– Empty 4.23 oz Juicy Juice box

– Cardstock

– Glitter

– School glue or hot glue gun

– Paint

– Paint brush

– Child-safe scissors

– Precision knife or box cutter (parent use only)

– Gemstones


1. Using precision knife, have an adult cut a small hole at the base of the 4.23 oz Juicy Juice box for the door.

2. Paint the box in your favorite colors, don’t forget to add windows and glue on a few gemstones

3. Let your little one cut cardstock into a 3 X 5” sized piece under adult supervision

4. Fold cardstock in half, lightly coat it in glue and glitter and let dry

5. Glue roof onto boxtop

6. Place in your garden or a potted plant


60 minutes