Caterpillar Sandwich

Caterpillar Sandwich

If your kids are getting tired of the same old turkey sandwiches, it’s easy to switch things up by using an alternative to bread. English muffins, bagels and pitas all work great, but with healthy wheat wraps you can create an adorable caterpillar in just a few easy steps. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Gather your ingredients – you’ll need one soft wrap or tortilla, whatever sandwich fix-ins your kids prefer (here we used turkey and cheddar) and baby carrots.


  1. Place the fix-ins into the tortilla and roll up tightly. Slice the rolled up sandwich into small cylinders. Then, slice the baby carrots in half, creating legs. Take a small piece of leftover wrap to create a face and antennae for the caterpillar. Two small circles of cheese and a tiny shred of turkey make eyes and a big smile!


  1. Arrange the wrap cylinders facing upwards. Arrange them in a row with the “face” at the front. Pair with your child’s favorite Juicy Juice® juice box and enjoy! caterpillar3
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