Thanksgiving Lunchbox

Thanksgiving Lunchbox

Do your little ones get excited as we do when a holiday break is coming? Our Thanksgiving lunchbox meal will get them in the spirit of Thanksgiving and all the family fun associated with it! We put together an adorable little lunch that’s almost too cute to eat! Emphasis on almost. ?

For our sandwich, we made our favorite turkey sandwich with toasted bread. You can use your favorite ingredient combinations, too. Then, we cut our sandwich into a circular turkey body. If you’re on the creative side, you can experiment with different shapes to see what kind of funky turkeys you can create!

For the legs and beak of our turkey, we cut our shapes out of carrot slices. If you want them to stay in place until lunchtime, we recommend either wrapping the sandwich or using your favorite condiments underneath the beak and feet as adhesive. For the eyes of our turkey, we used edible candy eyes. Then, we completed our turkey sandwich with apple wedges as tail feathers.

Crisped Rice Puff Drumstick
Our crisped riced drumstick looks like a work of art, but it won’t take you long to make. Plus, the whole family can enjoy them. Use your favorite crisped rice treat recipe to create the “meat” of the drumstick. The “bone” of the drumstick is a large pretzel stick. When shaping your drumstick, we suggest coating your hands in melted butter. When your marshmallow and crisped rice cereal combo is still warm, mold it to make the “meat” of the drumstick on one side. When you have finished with the “meat,” you can mold a smaller amount of crisped rice to make the knobs on the other end of the breadstick. Let your drumsticks sit and cool before you pack them for lunch.

Cheese Dip Turkey Snack
We know you didn’t forget about the other turkey in the room! Get your child into the Thanksgiving spirit with our dip pack turkey snack. We turned the dip pack over and attached decorative paper cut-outs to the other side. You can use your favorite adhesive office notes to make the job easier!

Dessert Acorn Bites
Last but not least, we included a little dessert that celebrates autumn! We grabbed our favorite peanut butter cookie bites, small chocolate morsels, large chocolate morsels and almond butter to craft these adorable acorns. For each cookie, we attached a small chocolate morsel to the top with almond butter and a large chocolate morsel to the bottom. Voila! These are too good to squirrel away or share with their friends!

Of course, you can always take liberties creating your picture-perfect lunch. Whatever your lunch looks like, we’re sure your child with be thankful for such loving care. Share your turkey-themed creations with us too, we’d love to see what you make!

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