Mr. Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter was such a blessing to our family last year. My special needs son flourished in his class and grew new friendships and social skills more quickly than in past years because his teacher was so nurturing and the perfect guide. Teachers don’t have a lot of spare time to send and reply to emails but I heard from him in a reply or heads up email almost daily. Mr. Carpenter went above and beyond always. When I found out a little girl in the class had lost her father in the fall, I knew God had sent her the best possible teacher to soften the blow. It was a sad coincidence that Mr. Carpenter would lose his father the following spring two days before break. Out of dedication to his students he took no time off and completed end of quarter classroom business in-person. We are sad we missed a fourth quarter with Mr. Carpenter but are so grateful his support has continued into this new school year. Thankful simply doesn’t quite express how our family feels about Mr. Carpenter.

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