Ms. Avina

The reason I am nominating Ms. Avina is because she truly deserves it. I mean this teacher absolutely goes out of her way to make sure each child not only gets an education, but feels truly wanted, needed, and loved. She has touched the lives of not only her students, but the parents as well. This woman goes above and beyond, even outside of school to be there for her “extended family”. She is the epitome of the perfect teacher. Ms. Avina is an asset to the school she works for and changes every life that she embraces in her classroom. I only wish that my children could have her as their teacher every year. Every school in the world needs a “Ms. Avina” and every child deserves to have a teacher like her. I, as well as my children are so grateful we have/had a chance to have her in our lives. If she wins I am sure the money would go back into her classroom. She buys all her supplies out of her own pocket to ensure each child has the same opportunity as the other! Not many teachers go out of their way to do that, most teachers can’t measure up to her and what she does. Please consider her to win. She truly absolutely deserves to win, I am sure all her students and parents would agree with me! Thank you!!!
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