Ms. Bresnahan

My son Chris is 13 years old and needs a little extra help in school. He started middle school last year. It was a new building, new people, more responsibility. All of these things hard on my son. Ms. Bresnahan is his special ed teacher and she was wonderful with him. Whenever he needed her for extra support she was there. Classwork, homework, help with socializing in school. She has been there for him since day one. Then covid hit. Chris already was struggling, then he had to adjust to change which is hard for him. She made the rest of the year bearable for him. Ms. Bresnahan gave Chris her phone to text, call or video chat whenever he needed help on his school work. My son struggles with anxiety and is socially awkward. He was struggling with the social isolation. She started coming to my house with a small table and while making sure they were using socially distancing she would bring him a treat and play a board game or two with him. I work a lot and Chris doesn’t get as much attention as he should. So for her to take time once a week or every other week to make sure my son was getting what he needed means a lot to my husband, myself and Chris. During all of this uncertainty, she was there to help me and Chris. She went above and beyond what a teacher is expected to do and because of how much she cares for her students, I believe Ms. Bresnahan deserves to be appreciated!!

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