Ms. Champion

Ms. Champion is the MOST selfless person I know. She is always trying to find new and innovative, interesting ways to teach. My child isn’t even five and knows about states and capitols and even certain cities and locations! He loves telling me about all of the new things he’s learned. Ms. Champion has truly been such an inspiration to keep growing and learning no matter what. She has also had her own hardships in life including currently battling cancer for a second time. She does treatment 3 days a week and STILL makes sure to come to school and be there for her kids everyday. Just recently there were several children that were moving to “big school” and she made sure they felt celebrated and threw them a party. She’s taught every subject including double digit addition and subtraction! She works at a preschool that is family owned and I have always felt they work as a unit at the school to keep children safe and to always work towards the same goal to develop the kids. There are so many different and important parts to what a teacher can do for her students. Ms. Champion exhibits all of them PLUS more. She does her job with her whole heart and I hope she knows how grateful I am.

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