Ms. Holt

Ms. Holt has a daughter who has had internal bleeding her entire life and this spring her daughter became critical and was rushed to the hospital (3 different hospitals). Ms. Holt did not miss a beat with her class and her students. She messaged us from the hospital rooms and stayed on top of everything. Ms. Holt’s daughter went through several lifesaving surgeries and was hospitalized for a month, but even in the pandemic and school moving to virtual Ms. Holt stayed in touch, uploaded her lessons every day in a timely manner, and stayed in touch with each and every parent as needed. She also kept us well informed on her daughter and her progress as we all were very concerned parents as well. I think Ms. Holt deserves this prize because she has shown exemplary dedication to her job, school, students, and their parents even in the midst of almost losing her own child. Indescribable.

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