Ms. Loving

My son has Cerebral Palsy and a Cortical Visual Impairment so third grade was a huge academic step for him. We discovered that his vision struggles were more profound than we realized. Ms. Loving became a true hero to my son when she helped him navigate through the challenges, especially by helping him with test strategies. Even as my son moved on to 4th grade, I could see the imprint she left with him. We learned today that our daughter will have Ms. Loving as her homeroom teacher this year. My son is moving on to 5th grade at another campus and was anxious about leaving his little sister behind. As soon as Ms. Loving appeared on the virtual “Meet the Teacher”, he immediately relaxed and was so happy to know that his sister would have Ms. Loving to guide her this year. She is most deserving of recognition. She told my children this morning that this upcoming year was filled with uncertainty, but that she was determined to make lemonade. Her positivity and devotion as a teacher is evident.

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