Ms. Menser

Ms. Menser is the epitome of an elementary teacher. She has been teaching for almost a decade and she still has so much passion and drive for her little people. She has taught kindergarten and 1st grade, arguably the most important as they are the introduction of formal education to students. I’ve been in her class and it feels like family. I knew I would one day want her to be my daughter’s teacher. There are several things that make her unique and deserving of this award. I love that she offers flexible seating. She recognizes that not all children learn the same and she meets them where they are and provides a fun, safe space, conducive to learning. My personal favorite is she provides every student in her class with a free book per month. She has sponsors who help make this possible. This is amazing! Literacy, especially in a school with a high poverty and minority population is critical. We know reading helps close the achievement gap. Ms. Menser believes in her children. She greets each one by name each day. She takes pride in her classroom each year and makes sure it is beautifully decorated. She is an amazing teacher and would use any award to help pour back into her students and community!

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