Ms. Moskovitz

Ms. Moskovitz is a 5th grade special education teacher in a large, diverse urban neighborhood in NYC. They are predominantly immigrants from all over the world and represent a mini-UN. Her students encompass a wide range of cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and physical abilities. It is a Title I school in a low-income community; almost every student is an English Language Learner. Free breakfast and free lunch are available to every child in our building each day, which are now remotely served. She motivates her students and is their #1 cheerleader. She encourages them to be passionate about learning and being future leaders. As an inclusion special education teacher, she teaches students with disabilities in a general education setting. She teaches these diverse students as they persevere through different challenges to come to school (now remotely) and learn. Her students need her support in order to develop grade level skills. She works so hard to meet her students’ needs and would greatly deserve this Juicy Juice honor.
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