Ms. Poleski

Ms. Poleski was my daughter Emma’s kindergarten teacher this last school year. Early on in the year I noticed she seemed to care more than most teachers I’ve interacted with, whether that be my own teachers or any type of instructor my daughter or son have previously interacted with. When she realized that my daughter was excelling in certain areas, instead of just coasting and letting her do her own thing (which was my personal experience when a teacher noticed me excelling), she suggested additional homework and learning activities that we could do at home. I believe that this helped my daughter become the first “butterfly” in her class by completing all of her required kinder checkpoints that would signify that she is ready for first grade. Not only was she the first butterfly, she hit that mark before the halfway mark of the school year! Ms. Poleski did a great job of knowing my daughter’s talents and abilities and helped to grow them instead of letting her hit a plateau.

Once the Covid-19 stop hit our school district, her commitment to teach and help students didn’t waver. She did virtual meets often and still tried to give students individual attention to make sure they were retaining information from before the break. Instead of coasting when the job got crazy, she put an extended effort into reaching out to these children and, for my family, it definitely showed.

In my opinion, every teacher should have the same heart, care, and passion as Ms. Poleski!

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