Ms. Urick

One step into her bright colorful 3rd grade classroom you’ll find the typical desks, chairs, smart board and everything needed to fulfill the learning environment. Complete with hanging posters, charts, and pillars of character. But if you look closely, it’s her love of those words on the walls surrounding you and you’ll get a sense of her heart and all Ms. Urick means to those who enter her class. “Imagine, Live Simply, Dream Big, Be Grateful, Give Love and Laugh Lots.” She’s the true definition and difference of a teacher who instructs, praises, influences, guides, and inspires long AFTER the school year ends.
With a mission to inspire and motivate future generations, Ms. Urick uses popular comic strip characters to find the humor into hearts, sharing the importance of words and messages, whether young or old, we should all live by.

Her passion for teaching, she will tell you, is nurturing, supporting, and seeing their faces as her kids learn & grow, grasping it’s ok to make mistakes along the way, connecting with each other and our community.

Having taught grades K-3, She’s the teacher who remembers to be humble and kind, instills words of wisdom, encouraging minds to think, hands to create and most importantly, hearts to love.

Indebted to have her as both of our daughters teacher, her sacrifices never went unnoticed. She comes in hours before school starts to go above and beyond lesson plans and stays long after the bells rings at the end of the day.

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