-Siri's Tips- Check out these helpful tips from Siri Daly on how to get the kids involved in the kitchen!

Designate a day and let your kids help you make something homemade that they can snack on all week after school...something like banana muffins, apple cinnamon granola bars or zucchini bread are always popular in my house. I've found that if they help you cook or bake something, they are much more willing to eat their creations! Also, since Juicy Juice is a staple in our household, we often incorporate it into dishes to bring out that delicious flavor! Check out the recipes page for some ideas your kids will love!
Make family dinners a priority, at least a few nights a week. Encourage your kids to help set the table. To make this task more exciting, I have my kids create their own place settings with paper, crayons, stickers, etc., and let them choose where everyone should sit! We also love to play games during these family dinners to keep everyone engaged (and off their devices!). An old-fashioned game of 'Telephone' is always a hit, or what we call 'Two Truths and One Whopper' - everyone takes turns trying to figure out which statement is a lie!
Have your kids help you meal plan and make shopping lists -I ask my kids to write their own, which is a writing assignment in itself! Look through cookbooks together or at recipes online and have them help you choose what they want to eat for dinners - encourage them to find new meals to try! As a family, we aim to choose one or two new recipes to try a week. Let your kids accompany you to the grocery store to look for any unfamiliar ingredients... if they are part of the process from start to finish, they'll be much more inclined to try new foods!
If you live with any "picky eaters" like I do, preparing meals can be a frustrating task. I've found that if you keep trying certain foods in different ways, kids may be more likely to find something they like. For example, my daughter won't eat an apple on its own, but she loves to dip slices in peanut butter. Also, I try to remind myself that their palates evolve over time. My 12 year-old's well-rounded diet gives me hope for my choosy toddler!
I love to make dinners that can be reused throughout the week. Roasting a chicken over the weekend is something we do a lot, and I'll use the leftover meat for chicken salad, tacos, or lunch wraps. I also tend to make a big batch of rice or spaghetti that I can pack in a thermos with chicken, veggies or scrambled eggs for school lunches.
I get into routines where every night has some sort of theme for dinnertime. For example, on Mondays we'll make a fish with rice and veggies, on Tuesdays we'll do a form of tacos or enchiladas, and on Sundays we make pizzas. It takes the pressure off of figuring out what to cook, and it makes it fun to anticipate these meals ahead of time!