Apple Crabs

Parents know that snack time is an important part their children’s day, but that doesn’t mean that snack time can’t be a whole lot of fun. A few yummy ingredients and a couple of simple steps can create the perfect kid-friendly snack. Here’s how you make a silly apple crab:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need a red apple, a banana, and two raisins.

  1. Cut the apple in half and core it. Leave one half untouched – this will be the base of the crab. Use the other half to cut two “claws” and eight small rectangles. Then, cut a single slice of the banana. Snack on the rest of the banana as you put together the crab.

  1. Assemble the apple pieces as detailed in the image below. Cut the banana slice in half and place on top of the crab’s base, the part closest to the claws. Firmly press in raisins into the banana, as they are the eyes.

  1. Pair the apple crab with a Juicy Juice™ Apple Juice Box and watch your children’s eyes light up!