Apple of My Eye Friendship Necklaces

It’s fun letting people know how much they mean to you, from family to close friends. Affection can brighten someone’s mood in seconds flat and it’s also contagious! We created an extra special craft for celebrating Friendship Day. Not only is it fun to give to a bestie, but it’s fun to make together, too!

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need:

  • Multi-colored poly clay — we used red, white, brown and green
  • 1 apple shaped ice tray
  • 2 eyehooks
  • String – we used green embroidery floss
  • 1 toothpick (not pictured)

Step 2

Grab some red clay and flatten it against the inside of the apple molds. This will be the skin of the apple. When the red clay has been molded to the tray, grab a pinch of brown clay and use it to form the stems of the apples. Once you have both the red clay and the brown clay in place, you can fill in the hollow area with white clay. Carefully remove the apple from the mold. These will be your pendants.
AppleCraft-2Step 3

For these steps, the little ones will need your help. Once you have removed your clay apples from your mold, flatten and shape pieces of green clay for your leaves. Once you have your leaves shaped, detail them using a toothpick. You can follow our design or create your own. When you have finished detailing your leaf, fix it to the top of your pendant. Gently press the threaded side of your eyehook into the top of your pendant where it will hang from the string. Let it dry overnight.
AppleCraft-3Step 4

The next day, put your brand new apple pendant on the string and bring one to school for your bestie, teacher or to make a new friend!