Apple Racecars

Every mom has experienced a futile snack time where no matter how hard she tries, getting her kids to eat seems like a losing battle. Any attempt is met with a closed mouth, a headshake, and a pout. On days this like, we’ve found that playing (amateur) food artist can make a world of difference. Here’s a fun and simple plate you can set up using fruit you have on hand that’ll have your little ones racing to eat.

What You Need

  • A base for the car (apple, pear, orange slices, or melon slices)
  • Wheels for the car (grapes, banana, string cheese)

How To Do It

  • Cut your base fruit into slices resembling a half-oval or half-heart
  • Cut up your wheel fruit into circular slices
  • Place one circle to each side of the slice
  • Pair with a Juicy Juice® juice box and watch your muchkin’s eyes light up!