Bag Dispenser

Recycling is an excellent way to save money and we want to help as many parents as possible to do so! We’ve discovered a fun and easy craft that the entire family can benefit from. Why not turn your empty Juicy Juice bottle into a bag dispenser? Take a look at the easy steps below to learn how to make one and what you’ll need.


Empty Juicy Juice 48 oz bottle


Paint brush


Plastic bags

Step 1

Remove label from empty Juicy Juice bottle then wash and dry.

Step 2

Use a pair of scissors to cut out a small rectangle shape in the cap.

Step 3

Examine the hole in the cap to ensure plastic bags can fit through. Then secure cap tightly to the bottle.

Step 4

Use scissors to cut out the entire bottom of the bottle.

Step 5

Paint and decorate as desired.

Step 6

Once the paint is dry, turn painted bottle upside down to stuff with plastic bags which you will pull out through the cap.