Bird-Shaped Sammies

Taking familiar ingredients and arranging them in a fun way can make lunchtime feel like playtime for your kids! Here’s how you make a cute bird-themed sandwich that no child can resist:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need a slice of bread, a handful of pretzel sticks, a strawberry, raisins and your favorite style of cream cheese.

  1. Cut the strawberry in half. From one of the halves, cut off the front tip and then cut the bottom side in half. The larger piece will be the wing and the smaller pieces will be the beak and feet. Then, carefully cut the piece of bread into a bird shape, taking off slightly more than if you were just cutting off the crust. Next, spread cream cheese onto the slice of bread making sure there’s an even coating.

  1. Place the strawberry slices and a raisin onto the bread to make the eye, beak, wing and feet of the bird. Use the pretzel sticks to make “branches” that the bird is perched on. You can use additional raisins at the ends of the branches to serve as berries.

  1. Serve as an adorable lunch paired with a Juicy Juice™ Juice Box!