Change the Color of Flowers

When spring comes, we love seeing flowers in every wonderful shade. Did you know that it’s possible to change a flower’s color to something entirely new? With this fun science experiment, you can teach your little one all about flowers while creating a plant that’s totally unique!

White flowers
Three small vases
Three different liquid food colors
A larger vase with water

Step 1.
Begin by filling your three smaller vases with water.

Step 2.
Add between 20-40 drops of different food coloring to each vase in order to dye the water.

Step 3.
Use your scissors to trim your flowers so that they’ll fit into the smaller vases.

Step 4.
Add a few white flowers to each vase.
Flowers in color dyed water

Step 5.
Leave your flowers in a nice sunny spot for 24-48 hours and watch the magic happen!