Columbus Day Gone Juicy!

With Columbus Day approaching, it’s time to plan for that extra day of family fun. Keep your kids entertained with this fun and colorful craft using leftover juice boxes. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Gather your materials – you’ll need construction paper, colored popsicle sticks and empty juice boxes.


  1. Cut the construction paper into strips that can cover the juice boxes horizontally. Then cut smaller pillow shapes that will serve as the sails. Add fun patterns and designs. The more colorful, the better!


  1. Attach the longer strips of paper onto the juice boxes, making sure they are fully covered. Carefully poke a hole through the rectangles using the popsicle sticks and make sure the “sails” are secured.

boats3Put the popsicle sticks with the sails attached into the juice boxes and they are ready to play with!