Create Your Own Watering Can

Are you a little short on April showers this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got a wonderful craft to ensure your May flowers are still able to bloom. You’ll just need a couple of objects from around the house and a few minutes of your time to create a delightful watering can. Best of all, your kids can get in on the fun by using your new creation to keep all your houseplants hydrated and happy.


  • A piece of cardboard
  • Your favorite colors of paint
  • A few paintbrushes
  • An awl
  • An empty 64 oz Juicy Juice bottle
  • A lighter

Step 1:

Remove the label from an empty Juicy Juice bottle and set the cap aside.

Step 2:

Use your lighter to heat the tip of your awl until it’s nice and hot. Make sure the little ones are a safe distance away for this step!

Step 3:

Use your heated awl to poke a few holes in the cap of your Juicy Juice bottle. Try to space out the holes to ensure that water will be able to flow well.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to decorate! Using your piece of cardboard as a palette, paint the bottle with your favorite colors and designs. This is a great step to bring in the kids and let their creativity run wild!

Step 5:

Give your masterpiece a few hours to dry.

Step 6:

Once your watering can is dry, just fill it up with water and twist the cap back on. Now you’re ready to make some plants very happy!