DIY Frosty Pinecone

For our little ones, the winter months can seem long and boring but it doesn’t have to be! Keep them busy with fun indoor activities that will make the season memorable. Consider this super fun and frosty pinecone craft, here’s what you’ll need:

White or silver string
Clear glue
White acrylic paint

Step One

Gather your materials.

Step Two

In a flat plate mix together clear glue and white acrylic paint.

Step Three

Roll pinecone in mixture—make sure mixture evenly covers the pinecone. You can use your hands or brush. If using your hands don’t forget to wear gloves!

Mixing paint and glue

Step Four

Immediately after step three pour glitter into another flat plate, with the mixture still wet on the pinecone, cover evenly with glitter like shown.

Step Five

Then set to dry for 2-3 hours.

Step Six

Once dry, take your silver or white string and tie it in a loop. Tape or glue the loop onto the pinecone.

Now they are ready to be hung throughout your home for a beautiful winter display!