DIY Monster Mash-up

This Halloween make some “monsterpieces” of your own using empty Juicy Juice boxes! These little creatures are sure to kick this year’s spookiness up a notch. Here’s what you’ll need:


Empty Juicy Juice boxes
Colored construction paper
Glue stick
3-4 bottles of paint (each a different color of your choice)
6-8 pipe cleaners
12-16 googly eyes
Optional: Popsicle sticks to turn your monster into a playful or petrifying puppet.

Step One:
Begin by gathering all your materials.

Step Two :
Paint your empty Juicy Juice boxes the color of your choice. Paint each box a different color for variety! Set aside to dry for 30 minutes.

Step Three:
Once dry, use construction paper to cut out a fun shape for a mouth or hair for your specific monster. Then use your glue stick to attach it in place.

Step Four:
Use your glue stick to attach pipe cleaners for arms and googly eyes!

And you’re all done! There’s so much you can do with these little guys. You can use them as a spooktacular display around the house for Halloween or drop them in a friend’s treat bag! Or you can secure a popsicle stick to the bottom of your monster to turn them into puppets!