Fishin’ Fun Game

Here’s a fun, fishing game to make with your little marine biologists to test their coordination and keep them pleasantly entertained. And while they play you can find out just how relaxing fishing can be! This game is also perfect for taking on the go since it can be carried in its own box.

  1. Gather your materials: You’ll need a wooden dowel, paper clips, non-toxic glue, tape, two different colored sheets of felt, safety scissors, a magnet, googly eyes, some yarn (or other safe material to simulate a fishing line) and a rectangular box to carry the game (we used an old phone box). If you don’t have access to felt, feel free to use construction paper instead.
    Fish craft supplies
  2. Make the fish and line: First (using your little one’s favorite colors) cut six small, fish-shaped cutouts of each colored felt for a total of twelve. Also cut out one larger fish to decorate the game’s box, making sure that both colors show. Taking your smaller cutouts, place a paper clip on one half of each fishy. Then you’ll want to make your fishing line. Simply tape your yarn to the tip of the dowel, attaching the magnet to the other end.
  3. Create your fishies. All you have to do for this step is glue a second cutout onto the first, concealing the paper clip. Glue a googly onto each fish to create your game pieces. Cut out a rectangle to cover the top of your game box and make your bigger fish to decorate it.
  1. Have fun! Drop the fishies in their container, and let the little one kick back with a Juicy Juice® juice box to enjoy the peace of fishing.