Flight Academy

Snow day? No problem! Looking for a fun and safe indoor activity to keep the kids occupied? Here’s a fun game that they get to make themselves and then have the reward of playing.

  • Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need:
    • A bowl to trace edges
    • Construction paper
    • Safety scissors
    • Scotch tape
    • Pencils

Tape and paper

  • Step 2: Separate four sheets of colored paper and trace large circles in the middle of each piece. Write the words Flight Academy (or whatever your little ones might come up with) on the top of two of the pieces of paper. Then write the amount that each circle is worth at the bottom of all four sheets of paper.


  • Step 3: Fold another piece of paper diagonally three times to turn it into a paper airplane.


  • Step 4: For the final step, tape all four pieces of paper that have the holes cut into them together and hang in any doorway of your home. Have the kids throw the paper airplane to try and get it through each of the holes. You can keep score if you want, but with this fun craft, everyone’s a winner!

Paper airplane board game