Flower Frames

Commemorate summer’s blooming flowers and greenery with this fun and kid friendly craft. Not only are these flower frames easy to make, they’ll look beautiful hanging up in your home!

  1. Gather your materials. All you’ll need is a sheet of plastic wrap, a piece of leftover cardboard cut into a square, tape, paint, a paintbrush and a small bundle of flowers.

  1. Do this part without the help of your child. Using scissors, cut four strips from the cardboard. These will be the four sides of your frame. Tape them together to form a square. Then, paint one side of the cardboard and let it dry.

  1. Once the paint has dried, turn the frame over and place a sheet of plastic wrap immediately over it. Tape it down to the frame, making sure the plastic is as taught as possible. Then, place your flowers onto the plastic wrap. Once you’ve arranged them how you like, place another sheet of plastic wrap over the flowers and tape it down. Again, be sure it’s as taught as possible. Cut off all of the excess plastic wrap so it frames the square perfectly.

  1. Hang up the pressed flowers for all to see!