Fresh From the Harvest Apple Tea Light Candles

Looking for adorable and biodegradable centerpieces this season? With our apple tea lights, you’ll be able to provide the holiday atmosphere you’ve been craving without spending too much on decorations.

What You’ll Need:
Apples of your choice
Tea light candles
1 knife

Step One:
Gather your materials. Make sure the apples you chose can sit upright without any aid. Otherwise, this craft could turn into a fire hazard. jui16153_dec12a_fb

Step Two:
Your little ones can help with the first part of this step. Trace the shape of your tea lights on the tops of the apples with a pen or marker, then measure how deep the candles are. You will need to cut this deep so they can rest evenly inside the apples. For safety, you will need to take over the second part of this step. Carefully cut into the apple. You might need to use a precision knife or paring knife. Once you have finished cutting, use a spoon to scoop out the pieces of apple. You can also make minor adjustments so your candle will sit securely in your apple. For the third part of this step, you will need to insert the candle. To keep the apple from shriveling or browning, you can coat the cored apple with lemon juice and then petroleum jelly. Finally, insert your tea light into the cored apple.

Step Three: For the third part of this craft simply place your tea lights into the spots you’ve carved out. You now have your own festive tea light! We hope this fresh idea helps elevate the holiday spirit in your home. At Juicy Juice, we wish you fun and safety, so please keep children away from candles at all times and never leave candles burning unsupervised. Happy Holidays!