Fruit & Veggies Prints

Keep calm and get your fruit and veggie on! Our simple and fun Fruit and Veggie Prints craft lets your kids get their hands (and feet!) a little dirty to create their own personalized art garden!


  • Colorful Construction Paper (8.5”x11”)
  • White Paper (11”x17” or similar)
  • Finger Paint
  • Paper Plates
  • Scissors (Adults Assistance)
  • Glue
  • Clean up materials

construction paper, finger paints, and glue


Let’s start off with some color! Lay your paper plates out on a flat surface then squeeze different colors of finger paint, about the size of a quarter onto each one. Use only one color of fingerpaint per plate.

different colored finger paints on paper plates for crafts


Time to get hands on! Have your little one(s) place any part of their hand onto whichever color they want. A good place to start is with their full hand, palm facing down. To encourage them to cover as much of their hand with the paint as possible, ask them some sensory questions about how it feels – for example: “Is the paint squishy between your fingertips?” or “Does it feel funny to slide your hand around the plate?”

After they’ve had a chance to delight and fully cover their hand in paint, they can lift their hand off the paper plate and (keeping their fingers close together) firmly press their hand down onto a clean sheet of construction paper. *Note: Before switching between colors, a quick hand wash is recommended.

Child placing their full hand, palm facing down, in red finger paint


Leave your socks and shoes at the door because we’re taking this one step further, literally! Just as we did with our hands, invite your little one(s) to place their whole foot onto whichever color they want. Once the paint is covering as much of the bottom of their foot as possible, slowly step off the paper plate and onto a clean sheet of construction paper.

child's footprint dipped in orange paint and stepped on a piece of construction paper


Once all the paint has dried, you can cut each of your pieces out and let your little one(s) decide placement on a large sheet of white paper. Now is also the time you’ll want to use your colorful construction paper to cut out the other parts that make up your fruits and veg, like the leaves on a carrot or the crown on a pineapple. You can involve your little(s) by letting them help to figure out where the ‘missing parts’ go for each. Glue each piece of produce onto the large sheet of white paper and then set it aside for a few minutes to dry.

Final art work of fruits and veggies made out of child's painted handprint or footprint. Construction paper used for leaves or other parts of the fruit or veggies. All cut out and placed on a white piece of paper


You did it! You must have quite the green thumb because your Fruit and Veggie Prints artwork garden looks beautiful. Please note: if your thumb is actually green it’s probably fingerpaint! 😉

Pro tip: Your little one(s) artwork garden can be a useful way to help your kids identify their favorite fruits and veggies! Display your little one(s) artwork garden where they can access and interact with it!

Little girl holding up her Fruit and Veggie Prints artwork garden