Fun Fish Matching Game

It turns out, combining a fun rhyming game with a craft you can make at home are a match made in heaven! This delightful activity may only take a few minutes to make, but you’ll have hours of fun playing with your little ones while teaching them how to recognize rhymes.


  • One sheet of red and one sheet of blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • A crayon or marker

Step 1.
Begin by drawing 10 fish onto each set of paper. We recommend drawing one fish, cutting it out and then using it as a stencil to ensure all of your fish are the same size. You can also print out a picture of a fish and use that as a stencil.

Step 2.
Once you’ve drawn all your fish, use your scissors to carefully cut out each one from both pieces of paper.

Step 3.
Now it’s time to write 10 pairs of rhyming words, with one word from each pair written on a red fish and one on a blue fish. You can use any of your favorite rhyming words, but just make sure that your 10 pairs don’t rhyme with each other. Here are the ones we used:

  1. rat/cat
  2. ball/call
  3. cake/fake
  4. dog/hog
  5. wood/good
  6. nut/hut
  7. knee/bee
  8. dry/fly
  9. pin/tin
  10. band/sand

Step 4.
Now it’s time to play! Flip each fish over so that the blank side is showing, then scramble them around and place the fish together in rows. Now, take turns flipping over one red and one blue fish looking for rhyming pairs.