Halloween Activities for Kids

Have a younger child who’s not ready for a long night out trick-or-treating? Here are a few easy how-to ideas for getting the whole family involved in this year’s festivities.

Decorate a Wagon with Halloween Flair
Find a sturdy wagon or cart to create a ghoulishly grand means of transportation for an at-home trick-or-treat party! Just purchase a few traditional Halloween supplies (i.e. festive crepe paper, battery-powered lights, themed stickers) to give your child’s ride a Halloween feel as you pull the wagon from room-to-room; be sure to have a different type of candy or Halloween trick waiting at each new stop!

Arrange for a Group Trick or Treat with Your Neighbors
This one is fast-becoming an adult favorite. Contact your local neighbors and suggest meeting as a large group at one family’s home. After spending some time enjoying the decorations and refreshments at the first stop, plan an agenda of homes to visit in the coming hours until all the group members have had the chance to play host. Try to map out different treats and activities at each home to ensure the kids an evening of unpredictable fun!

Document Your Celebration with Pictures
For those friends and family far away, it can be easy to share this year’s Halloween memories with the use of photo-sharing websites such as Shutterfly.com or Snapfish.com. Or, for keepsake purposes, grandparents in particular may appreciate having an actual photo book to display on a coffee table in their home-it will be sure to keep them smiling every time they enter the room!