I Heart U Card

Everyone loves cards that pop, so we made one for you! This card is a perfect craft to make with the family and share with everybody. We hope you heart it as much as we do.

Scissors (or precision knife – parents only)
Pink or red construction paper
Template (included)
Glue stick

Step One
Gather your materials. You will need to print out our template.

Step Two
Cut the border from the edge of our template. Parents will need to take care of this next part. Carefully cut the solid lines around the letters on the template. Next, crease the paper along the dashed marks only. The dashed lines at the top of the U and I need to be folded away from you to create the desired 3D effect. You may need a ruler for this.
Important Note: Make sure to leave the bottom of the I, bottom stem of the u, top of the I and top of the u all connected to the paper. You should have no trash after cutting around the words.

Step Three
Now we need to do some more folding. First, fold your construction paper in half widthwise and set it aside. Once you have done that step, apply glue to the back of the template, avoiding the cute message in the middle. After, you can attach the template to the construction paper. Carefully line up the papers along their middle folds.

Step Four
Finally, pat down the glued parts before folding the entire card closed, making sure the paper creases towards the tops of the I and U. When you have done this, open your card! It is now an exciting pop up treasure. Great job!

I Heart U Card Template