Holiday Countdown Calendar

Advent calendars have long been a popular way of counting down the days until Christmas. Often there is candy or small playthings revealed behind flaps or small “doors” each day until the 25th. This year instead of (or along with) the sweet treats and small toys, try making a “holiday countdown calendar” filled with festive family time activities leading up to whatever day you celebrate. On colorful construction paper, write down fun ways to celebrate the season together. Include things like “holiday cookie baking night”, “neighborhood walk/light display judging night” and “choose one way to give back or volunteer together as a family”.

Here are the materials you’ll need to create your holiday countdown calendar:
Holiday calendar


Paper clips
A roll of string
Printed round calendar labels numbered 1-25
5-7 sheets of red and green construction paper
18 ” x 24 ” white foam board or oak tag

Step One

Gather your materials.

Step Two

Cut out your circle calendar labels and use your glue stick to adhere them one by one onto pieces of colored construction paper to create ornaments for your calendar tree. Be sure to evenly adhere some numbers on green construction paper and some on red construction paper for variety!

Step Three

Cut out your Christmas ornaments and use a pen to write a festive family time activity on the back of each ornament. Then, attach each Christmas ornament to a paper clip then loop 6-8 inches of string through the paper clips. Since you’ll be creating a calendar tree, begin looping the later dates of the month first.

Step Four

Begin to create your calendar tree by taking the ends of each string that your oraments are attached to and tape each end to either a white foam board or an oak tag board.

Step Five

Once you’ve created your calender tree have fun personalizing it by adding the Christmas decorations of your choice!

Now you’re ready to make this season so much merrier by making each day before Christmas count. Don’t forget to display your countdown calendar in a good spot where the whole family can see it!