Homemade Snowman Snow Globe

For those winter days when it’s too cold for the little ones to build a snowman outdoors, bring the fun indoors with this super easy and fun snow globe craft. Here’s what you’ll need:


Glass jar (must have a lid)
Orange polymer clay
White polymer clay
Black polymer clay
Aluminum foil
Clear nail polish
Wooden rolling pin
Water (distilled water for best results)
Clear silicone glue

Step One

Gather your materials.

Step Two

Take white polymer clay and create three balls as shown—make sure one is slightly bigger than the other two.

Step Three

Now it’s time to build our snowman. Take the biggest ball and place it on the inside of the jar lid (we will use glue to adhere it to the jar lid later). However, use glue to stack the other two smaller balls to the top of the larger one.

Step Four

Once you have your snowman built, create the eyes and buttons by making tiny balls from the black polymer clay, then add small dots of glue to adhere them in place (as shown below). For the hat, using the black polymer clay, make a small ball and roll it out with the wooden rolling pin. Then use your scissors to cut a small circle out and adhere it with glue to the top of the snowman’s head. Then take another ball from the black polymer clay and shape it with your fingers into a square shape and adhere it with glue to the top of the circle shape to form the snowman’s hat! Create the nose by taking a piece of orange polymer clay and rolling it in your fingers to create a small carrot shape. Then with a little dot of glue, place it onto your snowman’s face where the nose should be (as shown below).

Step Five

To harden the clay, you’ll need to put the snowman in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Protect your snowman while in the oven by covering it with aluminum foil.

Step Six

After 10 minutes, remove from oven and adhere with glue to the center of the inside of the jar lid, then create a protective layer for your snowman by painting it with clear nail polish! Then set aside to dry for 24-48 hours.

Step Seven

After 24-48 hours, fill your jar with water (use distilled for best results), add 2-3 drops of glycerin and add in your glitter. Use a spoon to mix. Next, go around the brim of your jar with clear silicone glue so that the lid will be sealed on tightly. Once done adding the glue, add in your snowman by putting the lid on the jar. It will overflow a little bit, but that’s okay!

Now your snowman is complete and ready for display!