Involving Your Kids in Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving getting close, there’s no doubt that your little ones are looking for their own way to get in on the fun! Whether it’s helping out in the kitchen, making sure the decorations are just right or even keeping everyone grateful, we’ve got some great ways to make your kids part of the festivities!

Recipes for Thanksgiving Fun

When you’ve got a big meal to cook, who couldn’t use the help of a few sous chefs? Best of all, since you’ll be making some of your favorite dishes, this is a great time to introduce your kids to those treasured family recipes! By the time they’re grown up, years of helping out will make whipping up their favorite foods second nature! Your kids will also enjoy helping you mix ingredients in tasty baked goods like our Apple Spice Cake recipe.

Centerpiece of Attention

If your kids are looking to help outside of the kitchen, putting them in charge of setting and decorating the table is a great opportunity for them to take ownership of their own project. If they’re not expert table setters, it’s a great opportunity to remind them how to fold napkins nice and neat and to give them them a quick refresher on cutlery. For decorations, your kids could try our Juicy Thanksgiving Owls, or our new Turkey Cones for a delightful center piece!

Giving Thanks

It’s important to remember that Thanksgiving is about more than just enjoying food with family and friends, it’s also the perfect time to take stock of everything we’re thankful of in life! You could made it a yearly tradition to let your kids lead everyone in a brief moment to explain what they’re thankful for. The little ones can start it off by listing 5 things they’ve been thankful for this year and then each person around the table takes a turn doing the same. For another twist, you could even have your kids list one thing they’re thankful for about each dinner guest!